Back to the Basics

“Back to the Basics” is an extension of the WETMAAP Program (Wetland Education Through Maps and Aerial Photograph) and is an innovation of CNL World. The Back to the Basic materials are packaged for use in a mini-workshop (approximately one to three hours), but are easily adaptable to a 50 minute classroom format.

Our experience with developing content and facilitating workshops and training sessions for over 2,000 teachers suggests a need to step-back and reintroduce basic geography tenants–location, map skills, observation, and comparative analysis through the use of traditional tools—maps and aerial photographs. The materials provide training in basic ecological concepts, technological skills, and methods of interpretation necessary for assessing geography, earth science, and environmental science topics.

The Back to the Basics Program provides an excellent opportunity of “science by inquiry” for the classroom. Exercises follow a standardized format. Student learning outcomes are easily measured through application of the same exercise but for a different location. Such replication allows for concept and skill measurement and assessment of student knowledge attainment. Educators can adapt the materials for classroom station work or group activity, as well as for individual use. The Back to the Basics exercises, while simple, challenges students to make observations, use geographic tools (i.e., a map and an aerial photograph), compare data sets, and draw conclusions.

Back to the Basics Objectives

After completing this workshop, you should be able to: