Back to the Basics
Pricing and Ordering

Map, Image, and Exercise:
Each location includes an 11” x 17” section of a topographic or orthophoto map, a 9” x 9” current aerial or orthophoto image at scales generally of 1:24,000, and a Back to the Basics exercise.  Appropriate map and image information included (e.g., quadrangle name; bar scale; RF; directional arrow). The map and image are available as paper copies or as a downloadable PDF.  The PDF is sized at 11” x 17” or in 8 ½” x 11” sections, which can be spliced together. The exercise provides inquiry for understanding basic map reading skills and for correlating maps and images of the same location

For a digital PDF download select the product from the map above of the location you would like and click the download button.  This PDF is free of charge. If you would like paper prints and supplies then once you have finished making your selections please either email or call CNL World at the number listed below.

If you would like a custom location within the United States please contact us directly.
                  or   (308)221-1143

(Downloadable PDF)
      Includes PDF of map, image, and exercise.           Price: FREE!!!!

Paper Copy:
      Includes: map, image, exercise, supply kit              Price:  $9.95 each +
                                                                                                         Shipping and Handling

Custom Map, Image, and Exercise
      Select a U.S. City /location of your choice.
      Includes map, image, and exercise.
      Available in paper copy or as a PDF.                       Price:  $24.95