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Summary Statistics
Duration (hh:mm:ss) 00:34 (3623 Days)
Total Hits 141,009
Total Cached Hits 20,813
Unique Visitors 2,962
Visitor Sessions 30,461
Average Visitors Per Hour 0.03
Files Downloaded 44
MB Transferred 0.00
Most Popular Search Term(s) N/A
Pages Containing Errors 4,897
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Preview - Pages Category Description  
Virtual Hosts report thumbnail These reports highlight the popularity of different pages and files, and also where visitors entered and exited your site. You can also use this set of reports to identify typical paths through your site and to/from particular pages.
Server Statistics  
Total page views: 34,349
Most popular page: /site-details.php
Least popular page: /cgi-bin/gadgets/Blog/BlogModel.php
Most popular entry page: /site-details.php
Most popular exit page: /site-details.php
Most accessed file type: .jpg
Most downloaded file: /Sites/20-d.pdf
Server Reports  
Pages History
Pages Least Visited
Entry Pages
Entry Pages History
Exit Pages
Exit Pages History
Mean Paths
File Types
File Downloads
File Downloads History
Top Level Directories
Top Level Directories History

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Preview - World Regions Category Description
Virtual Hosts report thumbnail This set of reports show the origin and behavior of your site visitors. Track individual visitors' usage over time, and assess the depth of sessions undertaken on your site. The Click Stream report can be used to assess the exact usage patterns of key visitors, or, in an intranet environment, to enforce company policies on banned content. Note that for the best results, DNS Lookups must be switched on.
Demographic Statistics  
Country with most visitors: US Commercial
World region with most visitors: North America
Domain generating most traffic: [UNRESOLVED IP]
Traffic by .com visitors: 3.81%
Visitor with most sessions: crawl-66-249-73-153.googlebot.com
Demographic Reports  
Visitors History
Authenticated Users
Authenticated Users History
World Regions

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Preview: Server Errors Category Description  
Virtual Hosts report thumbnail These reports highlight areas of your site that are causing errors and require checking. Use this information to rectify broken links and any other errors which may be compromising your site's integrity.
Diagnostic Statistics  
Total broken links: N/A
Most common error: File Not Found (404)
Total server errors: 10,405
Page with most broken links: Unknown Entry
Visitors affected by errors: 848
Most common file not found: /include/segoepr-webfont.woff (404)
Diagnostic Reports  
Server Errors
Server Errors History
Failed URLs
Failed URLs History

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Preview: Time Online Category Description  
Virtual Hosts report thumbnail These reports detail visitor loyalty, approximate time spent online and the frequency at which visitors return to your site. Use this information to assess the appropriateness of site content and structure. These results can be affected by the session timeout value. Refer to the User Guide for more information.
Marketing Statistics  
Most common session duration: 60+ minutes
Most common visitor frequency: Unknown Entry
Most common level of loyalty: 1 sessions
Marketing Reports  
Time Online

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Preview: Hourly Category Description  
Virtual Hosts report thumbnail These reports illustrate the amount of traffic being generated by visitors to your site. Use this information to assess bandwidth requirements and locate the hours where maintenance downtime will have the least impact on visitors.
Traffic Statistics  
Hour with most sessions: 15:00 - 15:59
Most popular day: Friday
Most popular month: Nov 2014
Most popular date: Nov 01 2011
Repeat visitors: 1,349
One-time visitors: 1,613
Average session length (secs): -19:13:34
Average pages per session: 1.13
Average hits per session: 4.63
Average pages viewed per day: 9.00
Megabytes downloaded as pages: 0.00
Average daily megabytes served: 0 Bytes
Average bits/sec served: 0
Usage of 64 kbps connection: 0.00%
Traffic Reports  
Hourly History
Recent Days

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Preview: Category Description
These reports show where your site visitors came from. You can also find out the search engines that referred your site, including the actual search terms being used by web surfers to find your site. Use this information to make sure your META tags are appropriate, and to assess the value of potential advertising on different search engines.
Referral Statistics
Most popular referral: [NO REFERRAL]
Most popular referral site: N/A
Most popular search engine: N/A
Most popular search term(s): N/A
Referral Reports

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Preview: Browser vs. OS Category Description  
Virtual Hosts report thumbnail These reports show which browsers and operating systems are being used by your site visitors. This information can be used to ensure that your site is designed to be viewable by the majority of visitors.
System Statistics
Most popular browser: Netscape 5.0
Most popular operating system: Windows NT
Busiest search engine robot: GoogleBot
System Reports  
Browsers History
Operating Systems
Operating Systems History
Browsers / Operating Systems
Robots History

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